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Private Executive Suites - Mt. Washington by Millworks

More than Just an Office:

More than Just an Office:

Neighborhood Amenities:

Neighborhood Amenities:

Fully Furnished

Fully equipped private offices are available to rent in a peaceful, business-like environment at Millworks – Mount Washington, Baltimore. Conference and meeting spaces, waiting rooms, and internet, photocopiers, and scanners are all amenities. Each workspace is carefully built to promote contemporary workplace arrangement and utility while highlighting historical architectural features.

A few blocks up the Northern Parkway from the I-83 exit is where you’ll find Mt. Washington Mill. With free parking and round-the-clock access, the mixed-use building offers both modern workplaces and retail establishments like Whole Foods, Starbucks, and others.

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The Mt. Washington Mill is the oldest still-operating cotton manufacturing plant in the State of Maryland. It was initially built for the Washington Cotton Factory. The National Register of Ancient Places lists the site, which consists of eight historic buildings that have undergone meticulous restoration to protect their original architectural details, including exposed stone and brick, support columns, and heavy lumber.

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In Columbia, you can lease private office space.

Trying to find a nearby office space for rent that can meet all of your needs for work? By enabling you to search a vast selection of available office spaces in your area, Millworks makes it simple to find the appropriate location for your company or business. Rentable shared office space may be easily viewed by size, amenities, price, and location with just one click. You might even leave your city workplace and travel to other locations to learn more about the venues that attract your interest and the areas around them. Additionally, brokers are reachable. You might be able to locate the appropriate office space for rent close to Columbia, Maryland, with just a simple search. Additionally, Millworks enables you to choose the best coworking space in Columbia, MD for your time and workspace preferences quickly and efficiently using simple tools designed for efficiency, even if your professional activity needs demand a higher level of flexibility.

Top Columbia office space amenities include

  • Being close to fantastic local stores
  • Providing accessibility to those with disabilities around-the-clock.
  • There are offices on the first and second floors.
  • Lockable coffee and tea door
  • Reception Hosted with Filtered Water
  • Cooking Mailbox Services
  • Gathering Places
  • Phone for on-site dining establishment
  • Print/Scan/Copy
  • assembling the projector room storing
  • TV/Monitor
  • Whiteboard with video conferencing
  • Wifi
  • Views from Windows
  • Industrial and retail space are both available.

Private office buildings vs. coworking spaces nearby Columbia

Comparison of Low Cost, High Risk and High Cost, Low Risk It is undeniable that coworking spaces, sometimes referred to as shared offices or flexible spaces, allow you to establish your company right away, but at a high expense. A coworking space may cost two to three times as much per month on average to rent as a private office. You must also consider how you will be recognized in a co-working environment because it may be difficult to build a strong brand if you mix up with other businesses and tenants in a constrained location.

Our recently remodeled offices have a prime location close to Columbia’s downtown.

We also serve clients based out of Owings Mills and Reisterstown.

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